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[edit] Not a mentor/RP Guild Member, but interested in contributing

If, however, you are keen on contributing and are not a mentor or RP Guild Member, you may email Kleothera ( giving the following information: DE Character name, reason for applying, game hours spent playing in DE.

[edit] Creation for RP Guild Members/Mentors

If you are a Mentor or RP Guild Member, you would have to login to actually contribute/start writing. For that, you need to email Kleothera with the name you want to use for the wiki contributions (preferably the same as your DE chracter name), and your desired password. Do not assume Kleothera knows who is writing the email, sign your email with your DE name/s. The account would be created for you.

PS: Currently, you do not need to email Kleothera for account creation. This should change by the end of the week.

[edit] Assistance Needed in Getting Started

If you are authorised to contribute and want to start writing, but are not sure how to go about it, please ask (personally, note or email) Kleothera, Cerethon or Aerick for assistance. We would set you up for a tour/introduction.

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